Q: Do you install?

A: Yes! And it's always free! Have old blinds that need to come down? We will take those down as well!

Q: Is it more expensive to get custom blinds?

A: You get what you pay for, and that couldn't be more true than with custom blinds and shades. Although box store blinds may look good for a while, the amount of time they last won't be worth the few pennies you save up front. Get a free quote from Happy Blinds, you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are!

Q: What is the warranty for custom blinds and shades?

A: The warranty will vary by product. Most shades are covered 5-7 years and warranty service can be obtained for free directly through Happy Blinds. No need to contact the manufacturer yourself. 

Q: How much do custom blinds and shades cost?

A: Cost is all based on brand, fabric and size. The best way to find out the cost is to get a free estimate from Happy Blinds. Wood blinds tend to be the most cost effective, following by cellular and roller shades. Prices go up from there with styles such as banded shades, Silhouettes and Pirouettes.

Q: Does Happy Blinds travel?

A: Absolutely! Happy Blinds is located in Grand Forks and is always happy to travel. It may be helpful to first send us rough dimensions of your windows and we can get you a price range to know if it fits in your budget to get custom blinds or shades. And if it does, we'd be happy to come get you a free formal quote and bring samples to choose from!